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Unit : mm


hole size
Φ 0.914 /.036”
hole size
Φ 0.95 /.0374”


Probe specifications  R-0
Recommended min. center 1.27 (.050")

Materials and finishes
Barrel Phosphor bronze, Gold plated



The Bare Board Test Probe plays a critical role in electronic testing, ensuring the accurate and reliable assessment of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

During installation, the probe requires mounting holes with specific sizes to achieve a secure fit. The recommended mounting hole sizes for the Bare Board Test Probe are Φ 0.914 /.036" and Φ 0.95 /.0374". These dimensions allow for precise installation, ensuring the probe remains securely in place during testing.

To ensure optimal performance, a recommended minimum center distance of 1.27 (0.050") is suggested. This distance between adjacent probes allows for proper alignment and prevents any interference that may impact the testing process.

The materials and finishes used in the construction of the Bare Board Test Probe are carefully chosen for their properties and durability. The barrel, for example, is made of phosphor bronze and is gold plated. This combination provides excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the probe.

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