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Unit : mm


hole size
Φ 1.7 /.0669”
hole size
Φ 1.75 /.0689”


Probe specifications R-2
Recommended min. center 2.54 (.01")

Materials and finishes
Barrel Brass, Gold plated



The Bare Board Test Probe is an essential tool used in the testing and verification of printed circuit boards (PCBs). It plays a crucial role in establishing reliable electrical connections and conducting accurate tests on electronic components.

During the mounting process, specific hole sizes are required to accommodate the Bare Board Test Probe. For this particular probe, the recommended mounting hole sizes are Φ 1.7 /.0669" and Φ 1.75 /.0689". These hole sizes ensure a proper fit for the probe, allowing it to establish a secure connection with the PCB.

The Bare Board Test Probe, specified as R-2, follows specific specifications to ensure optimal performance during testing. The recommended minimum center distance between probes is 2.54 (.01"), providing sufficient spacing to avoid interference and ensure accurate measurements.

The barrel of the probe is made of brass, which offers excellent conductivity and durability. It is also gold plated, providing enhanced corrosion resistance and maintaining a stable electrical connection. The combination of brass and gold plating ensures reliable performance and longevity of the probe.

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