cpm-75 / r-75

cpm-75 / r-75

MODEL:CPM-75 / R-75

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Unit : mm

hole size
Φ 1.4 /.0551”
hole size
Φ 1.35 /.0531”


Probe specifications  CPM-75 / R-75
Recommended min. center 1.9(.075")
Full travel 6.4(0.252" )
Current rating 5A
Contact resistance 50mΩ
Spring force 300g, 150g

Materials and finishes
Plunger Be Cu,Sk4, Gold plated
Barrel Phosphor bronze,Gold plated
Spring Music wire, Gold plated
  Stainless Steel



When mounting the probe onto the PCB, it requires specific hole sizes. In this case, the mounting hole sizes are Φ 1.4 /.0551" and Φ 1.35 /.0531". These precise dimensions allow the probe to be securely installed into the PCB, ensuring a stable connection and proper alignment for effective testing.

The Probe specifications for this particular model are denoted as CPM-75 / R-75. These specifications outline the key characteristics and capabilities of the probe. The recommended minimum center distance between probes is 1.9(.075"), which ensures optimal spacing between probes on the PCB. This spacing helps to prevent any interference or cross-talk, enabling accurate and reliable electrical measurements during testing.

The probe has a full travel distance of 6.4(0.252"), allowing it to effectively reach the test points on the loaded PCB. With a current rating of 5A, the probe can handle high electrical currents without compromising performance.

The contact resistance of the probe is specified as 50mΩ, ensuring low resistance and minimal signal loss during testing. Additionally, the probe is equipped with springs that provide different forces, specifically 300g and 150g. This allows for versatility in accommodating various testing requirements.

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