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Unit : mm



hole size
Φ 1.75 /.0689”
hole size
Φ 1.7 /.0669”


Probe specifications  R-25
Recommended min. center 2.54(0.1")

Materials and finishes
Barrel Brass, Gold plated


To securely install the Loaded Board Test Probe onto the PCB, specific mounting hole sizes are required. The recommended mounting hole sizes for this probe are Φ 1.75 /.0689" and Φ 1.7 /.0669". These precise dimensions ensure a proper fit of the probe, enabling a secure and stable connection with the PCB. This secure connection is essential for accurate and consistent electrical measurements during testing.

The Loaded Board Test Probe adheres to the R-25 specification, which defines the probe's characteristics and capabilities. It specifies a minimum center distance of 2.54 (0.1"), ensuring proper spacing between probes for efficient and reliable testing. This adequate spacing minimizes the risk of interference and cross-talk, allowing for precise and accurate evaluation of the PCB's electrical performance.

The barrel of the Loaded Board Test Probe is constructed with brass and is gold plated. This choice of materials offers excellent electrical conductivity while providing protection against corrosion and oxidation. The gold plating enhances the probe's durability and ensures long-lasting performance in demanding testing environments. The use of brass as the base material further enhances the probe's electrical properties, ensuring reliable and consistent test results.

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