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Unit : mm



Materials and finishes
Plunger-Top BeCu / Au Plated
Plunger-Bottom BeCu / Au Plated
Barrel P.B. / Au Plated
Spring Music Wire / Au Plated

Spring Force 30grams @0.8mm
Full Travel 1.8mm
Recommend Travel 0.8mm
Mechanical Life 500K
Bandwidth -0.293dB@20GHz

Current Rating 3A 
Contact Resistance <100mΩ





In the realm of semiconductor testing, precision and reliability are vital. The Advanced Semiconductor Test Probe, equipped with the following specifications, is designed to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of the industry:

Materials and Finishes: Featuring a BeCu/Au-plated top plunger, a BeCu/Au-plated bottom plunger, a P.B./Au-plated barrel, and a Music Wire/Au-plated spring, this probe ensures optimal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and durability. These carefully selected materials and finishes guarantee reliable and consistent test results, even in the most challenging testing environments.

Mechanical Features: With a spring force of 30 grams at 0.8mm, this probe delivers the perfect amount of pressure for precise contact during testing. Its full travel distance of 1.8mm offers ample room for accommodating various test setups, allowing for flexibility and adaptability. The recommended travel of 0.8mm ensures optimal performance and accurate measurements. With a mechanical life of 500K cycles, this probe is built to withstand long-term usage without compromising its mechanical integrity.

Bandwidth and Electrical Specifications: The probe boasts an impressive bandwidth of -0.293dB at 20GHz, making it suitable for high-frequency applications. Its electrical properties include a current rating of 3A, providing efficient power delivery for demanding testing requirements. With a contact resistance below 100mΩ, it minimizes signal loss and guarantees reliable electrical connections throughout the testing process.

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