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conductive cloth


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One significant application of conductive cloth is in the field of electronics and electrical engineering. It can be used as an essential component in the manufacturing of electromagnetic shielding materials. Conductive cloth acts as a barrier, preventing the escape or entry of electromagnetic waves, thereby reducing interference and ensuring the proper functioning of electronic devices. Its flexibility allows it to be easily integrated into electronic equipment or used as a lining in electronic enclosures.

Another area where conductive cloth finds application is in the production of wearable technology and smart textiles. By incorporating conductive fibers into the fabric, it enables the transmission of electrical signals and data between different components of the wearable device. This opens up possibilities for various innovative and interactive applications, such as wearable sensors, smart clothing, and electronic textiles.

Conductive cloth is also utilized in industries that require electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. ESD can be damaging to sensitive electronic components, and conductive cloth helps mitigate this risk. It is often used in manufacturing environments where static electricity needs to be controlled, such as cleanrooms and electronics assembly facilities. Conductive cloth garments or mats provide a safe path for static discharge, protecting both the workers and the electronic equipment.

Moreover, conductive cloth has applications in the medical field. It can be used in the manufacturing of electrodes for medical devices or as a component in garments for monitoring vital signs. The conductivity of the cloth ensures accurate signal transmission, allowing for reliable data collection and analysis. Additionally, conductive cloth is often used in electrotherapy applications where electrical stimulation is required for therapeutic purposes.

Product Description

Conductive fabric is made by electroless plating method to composite the metal and fiber, which is a high added value fiber possesses the softness of fibrous metallic. it also possesses the characteristics of conductivity, electromagnetic protection and excellent soft performance. It is widely applied in mobile phone, tablet and laptop IT devices, as the solutions of electromagnetic countermeasure components.

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