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Materials and finishes
Plunger-Top 頭針 BeCu / Sk4 / Au Plated
Plunger-Bottom 尾針 BeCu / Au Plated
Barrel 針管 P.B. / Au Plated
Spring 彈簧 Music Wire / Au Plated

Spring Force 彈力 25grams @0.65mm
Full Travel 最大行程 1.0mm
Recommend Travel 建議行程 0.65mm
Mechanical Life 使用壽命 500K
Bandwidth 頻寬 -0.292dB@20GHz

Current Rating 額定電流 2A 
Contact Resistance 接觸電阻 <100mΩ





Materials and Finishes: The probe consists of a BeCu/Sk4/Au-plated top plunger, a BeCu/Au-plated bottom plunger, a P.B./Au-plated barrel, and a Music Wire/Au-plated spring. These materials and finishes ensure optimal conductivity and durability.

Mechanical Features: With a spring force of 25 grams at 0.65mm, the probe guarantees reliable contact for accurate measurements. It offers a full travel of 1.0mm, allowing flexibility in testing setups. The recommended travel of 0.65mm ensures precise testing capabilities. The probe boasts an impressive mechanical life of 500K cycles, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Bandwidth and Electrical Specifications: The probe exhibits a bandwidth of -0.292dB at 20GHz, making it suitable for high-frequency applications. Its electrical properties include a current rating of 2A, allowing for efficient power delivery, and a contact resistance below 100mΩ, ensuring minimal interference.



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