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Materials and finishes
Plunger-Top BeCu / Au Plated
Plunger-Bottom BeCu / Au Plated
Barrel P.B. / Au Plated
Spring Music Wire / Au Plated

Spring Force 30grams @0.9mm
Full Travel 1.1mm
Recommend Travel 0.9mm
Mechanical Life 500K
Bandwidth -0.62dB@20GHz

Current Rating 2A 
Contact Resistance <100mΩ





Materials and Finishes: The Semiconductor Test Probe is crafted with excellence in mind. Its top and bottom plungers are made of BeCu (Beryllium Copper) and feature a durable and conductive Au (gold) plating. The barrel is composed of P.B. (Phosphor Bronze) and is also coated with Au for enhanced performance. The spring, made of Music Wire, ensures optimal conductivity and longevity while being plated with Au for corrosion resistance.

Mechanical Precision: The probe's spring force of 30 grams at 0.9mm guarantees precise and consistent contact during testing. With a full travel distance of 1.1mm and a recommended travel distance of 0.9mm, the Semiconductor Test Probe accommodates various testing requirements, providing reliable and accurate results. Its mechanical life of 500K cycles ensures long-lasting performance without compromising its exceptional mechanical properties.

Impressive Bandwidth and Electrical Specifications: The Semiconductor Test Probe boasts an impressive bandwidth of -0.62dB at 20GHz, making it suitable for high-frequency applications, such as advanced semiconductor testing. With a current rating of 2A, it can handle substantial power requirements, ensuring efficient and reliable testing. The probe's contact resistance remains below 100mΩ, minimizing signal loss and maximizing accuracy.

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