About Us

About Us



1996 We worked to promote probe from Taiwan to march into the market of Hong Kong and set up Chung Li Trade Company Limited, and further introduced Miyashita Precision Probe of Japan, which is wellreceived by our customers. It has then helped to build up the professional Image as supplier of testing consumables.



1997 We set up Chunglai Probes Manufacturing Company Limited to work professionally on the manufacturing and research of probe.



1998 In coping with domestic and oversea business growth, we set up Dong Guan plant at Guangdong to actively expand our productivity and strengthen competition edge.



2000 In coping with the market demand and development, we set up Chunglai Hung Electronic Company Limited at Kunshan City of Suzhow, and facilitate faster and more comprehensive service as we expand clientele in Taiwan and China.



2002 The organization is renamed as Chunglai Hung Probes Manufacturing Company Limited, and we work in adherence to the spirit of (technology advancement, customer priority) to work to enhance the comprehensive and full-spectrum service to our clients.



2006 We started to products the Pogo pin for semiconductor and IC test to extend the domestic and oversea market.



2010 With improving production capacity, increasing employees and purchasing new equipments, headquarter moved to the new buying office at Yingge District, New Taipei City, in the following year for expanding operations and providing better services.