CPM-100 / R-100

CPM-100 / R-100

MODEL:CPM-100 / R-100
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Unit : mm

hole size
Φ 1.75 /.0689”
hole size
Φ 1.7 /.0669”


Probe specifications  CPM-100 / R-100
Recommended min. center 2.54(.01")
Full travel 6.4(0.252" ) 
Current rating 5A
Contact resistance 50mΩ
Spring force 400g / 300g / 150g

Materials and finishes
Plunger Be Cu,Au plated
Barrel Brass, Gold plated
Spring Stainless
  Stainless Steel



To ensure proper installation and secure attachment to the PCB, the Loaded Board Test Probe requires specific mounting hole sizes. For this particular probe, the recommended mounting hole sizes are Φ 1.75 /.0689" and Φ 1.7 /.0669". These precise dimensions enable the probe to fit snugly into the mounting holes, providing a stable and reliable connection between the probe and the PCB.

The Loaded Board Test Probe conforms to the CPM-100 / R-100 specifications, which define its characteristics and capabilities. It has a recommended minimum center distance of 2.54 (0.1"), ensuring appropriate spacing between probes for efficient and accurate testing. This optimal spacing minimizes the risk of interference and cross-talk, allowing for precise and reliable electrical measurements during testing.

The Full travel of the probe is specified as 6.4 (0.252"), indicating the maximum distance the probe can travel when in contact with the PCB. This travel range is essential for proper testing and evaluation of the electrical connections and functionality of the loaded PCB.

The Loaded Board Test Probe has a current rating of 5A, indicating its ability to handle current flow during testing without compromising its performance or causing any damage. It also has a low contact resistance of 50mΩ, ensuring minimal interference and accurate electrical measurements.

The probe is equipped with different spring forces, with options of 400g, 300g, and 150g. The specific force can be selected based on the requirements of the testing application, ensuring optimal contact and reliable electrical measurements.

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