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Unit : mm


hole size
Φ 2.3 /.0905”
hole size
Φ 2.35 /.0925”


Probe specifications  CPM-4
Recommended min. center 3.0(.118")
Full travel 10(0.393" )
Current rating 8A
Contact resistance 50mΩ

Materials and finishes
Plunger Brass, Au plated
Barrel Brass, Ni plated
Spring Stainless



During the mounting process, the Loaded Board Test Probe requires specific hole sizes for secure installation. The recommended mounting hole sizes are Φ 2.3 /.0905" and Φ 2.35 /.0925". These precise hole sizes ensure a tight and accurate fit, allowing the probe to make reliable electrical contact with the loaded PCB.

The Loaded Board Test Probe, specified as CPM-4, follows specific probe specifications to ensure accurate and consistent testing results. The recommended minimum center distance between probes is 3.0 (.118"), providing optimal spacing for effective testing and reducing interference between neighboring probes.

The probe has a full travel distance of 10 (0.393"), indicating its maximum range of motion during testing. This extensive range allows comprehensive coverage and analysis of the loaded PCB, ensuring that all critical areas and components are thoroughly evaluated.

With a current rating of 8A, the probe is capable of safely handling electrical currents up to 8 amperes. This high current rating makes it suitable for testing applications that require a higher power capacity, ensuring reliable and accurate testing of the loaded PCB.

The contact resistance of the probe is specified as 50mΩ, indicating the level of resistance encountered during electrical contact. The low contact resistance ensures minimal signal loss and accurate transmission of electrical signals during the testing process, contributing to the overall reliability of the loaded PCB.

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