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Blanks are a common small fitting that are commonly used in various mechanical, electronic or structural assemblies. It is a sheet with a specific shape and function used to block, separate or position objects to ensure proper assembly and functioning.

Baffles are usually made of metal, plastic or rubber and are strong and durable. They come in various shapes and sizes to suit different application needs. The baffle can have structures such as holes, protrusions or depressions to achieve cooperation with other parts or limit movement.

These small spacers play important roles in mechanics and electronics. They can be used to assemble mechanical parts such as car engines, mechanical devices or electronics. One of the primary functions of the shim is to ensure the correct position and orientation of parts for proper assembly and operation.

In addition to their use during assembly, shrouds can also be used to adjust gaps between parts or to compensate for irregular surfaces. They can also be used as anti-shock or shock-absorbing mechanisms to reduce vibration or noise.