black ball

black ball


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Black balls, also known as probe tips or probe balls, are crucial components in the field of electrical testing and measurement. These small spherical objects are used as contact points in various probe assemblies, enabling accurate and reliable electrical connections.

The black ball is typically made of a conductive material such as tungsten, stainless steel, or beryllium copper. Its smooth surface and precise dimensions ensure consistent contact with the target object during testing. The black color is often chosen for better visibility and contrast against the background.

Probe assemblies, which include the black balls, are commonly used in applications such as semiconductor testing, circuit board analysis, and electronic device characterization. The black ball serves as the point of contact between the probe assembly and the test object, allowing electrical signals to be transmitted accurately.

The selection of the appropriate black ball for a specific testing application depends on factors such as the required electrical conductivity, durability, and compatibility with the target material. Different sizes and materials of black balls are available to suit different testing requirements.