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A probe card rack, also known as a probe card holder or probe card cassette, is an essential tool in the field of semiconductor testing. It is specifically designed to securely hold and organize probe cards used in wafer testing processes.

Probe cards are delicate and expensive components used to establish electrical connections between the testing equipment and the semiconductor devices on a wafer. Due to their sensitive nature, probe cards require proper storage and handling to ensure their integrity and prevent any damage or contamination.

A probe card rack provides a safe and convenient storage solution for probe cards when they are not in use. These racks are typically constructed with high-quality materials that offer durability and protection. They are designed to hold multiple probe cards in an organized manner, keeping them secure and easily accessible for technicians.

The probe card rack features slots or compartments that accommodate the specific dimensions of the probe cards. These slots are carefully spaced to prevent any contact or interference between the cards, minimizing the risk of damage. Some racks even incorporate anti-static properties to further protect the probe cards from electrostatic discharge.