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Unit : mm


hole size
Φ 1.7 /.0669”
hole size
Φ 1.75 /.0689”


Probe specifications CPM-2
Recommended min. center 2.54 (0.1")
Full travel 4.2(0.165" ) / 2.54(0.1" )
Current rating 3A
Contact resistance 30mΩ
Spring force 150g
code for customized products

Materials and finishes
Plunger Sk4 / PhBr / NI plated
Barrel Brass , Gold plated
Spring Stainless Steel



The Bare Board Test Probe is an essential tool used in the testing and verification of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Its purpose is to establish a reliable electrical connection with the PCB and facilitate accurate testing of electronic components.

During the mounting process, specific hole sizes are required to accommodate the Bare Board Test Probe. The recommended mounting hole sizes for this particular probe are Φ 1.7 /.0669" and Φ 1.75 /.0689". These hole sizes ensure a secure and precise fit for the probe, enabling it to establish a stable electrical connection with the PCB.

The Bare Board Test Probe, specified as CPM-2, adheres to specific specifications to ensure optimal performance during testing. The recommended minimum center distance between probes is 2.54 (0.1"), providing adequate spacing to avoid any interference and enable accurate measurements.

The probe features a full travel distance of 4.2 (0.165") or 2.54 (0.1"), allowing it to effectively test the functionality of electronic components on the PCB. With a current rating of 3A, the probe can handle the electrical load required for testing various components. The contact resistance is kept at a low value of 30mΩ to minimize any potential signal loss or interference during the testing process. Additionally, the probe is equipped with a spring force of 150g, ensuring a consistent and reliable electrical connection.