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Unit : mm


hole size
Φ 1.35 /.0531”
hole size
Φ 1.4 /.0551”


Probe specifications  R-11
Recommended min. center  1.9(.0748")

Materials and finishes
Barrel  Brass, Gold plated


During the mounting process, specific hole sizes are required to securely install the Loaded Board Test Probe onto the PCB. The recommended mounting hole sizes for this probe are Φ 1.35 /.0531" and Φ 1.4 /.0551". These precise hole sizes ensure a proper fit of the probe, allowing for a secure and accurate installation onto the PCB. The secure fit guarantees reliable electrical contact between the probe and the loaded PCB, facilitating precise and dependable testing and measurement.

The Loaded Board Test Probe is designed with the R-11 specification. This specification determines the probe's materials and finishes, which are crucial for its performance and durability. The barrel of the probe is made of brass and is gold plated. This combination of materials provides excellent conductivity and resistance to corrosion. The gold plating further enhances conductivity and protects against oxidation, ensuring reliable and accurate electrical contact during testing.

Additionally, the recommended minimum center distance between probes is 1.9 (.0748"). This spacing ensures adequate separation between the probes to prevent interference and enable effective testing across the PCB. By maintaining the recommended minimum center distance, the probe can perform precise and accurate measurements without signal interference or crosstalk.