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Unit : mm



Materials and finishes
Plunger-Top Sk4 / Au Plated
Plunger-Bottom BeCu / Au Plated
Barrel P.B. / Au Plated
Spring Music Wire / Au Plated

Spring Force 23grams @0.5mm
Full Travel 0.6mm
Recommend Travel 0.5mm
Mechanical Life 100K
Bandwidth -0.07dB@20GHz

Current Rating 0.3A
Contact Resistance 1.15nH
Self Inductance 1.38pF
Capacitance 1.15nH





The probe consists of various components, each chosen for its unique properties and characteristics. The top plunger is made of Sk4, a high-carbon tool steel known for its strength and durability, and is Au plated to enhance its conductivity and protect against corrosion. The bottom plunger is made of BeCu (Beryllium Copper) and is also Au plated, ensuring excellent electrical contact and long-term reliability. The barrel is made of P.B. (Phosphor Bronze) and is Au plated to provide optimal conductivity and protection against oxidation. The spring, made of Music Wire, a high-quality steel alloy, is Au plated as well, enhancing its durability and resistance to corrosion.

In terms of mechanical specifications, the probe exerts a spring force of 23 grams at 0.5mm. This force ensures reliable and consistent contact with the semiconductor device being tested, enabling accurate measurements. The full travel distance of the probe is 0.6mm, indicating the maximum displacement it can achieve during testing. The recommended travel distance is 0.5mm, representing the optimal operating range for precise and reliable testing.

The probe is designed to withstand rigorous testing environments, with a mechanical life of 100K cycles. This extended lifespan ensures the probe's longevity and reliability throughout multiple testing operations.

The probe exhibits excellent bandwidth performance, with a measured -0.07dB attenuation at 20GHz. This characteristic ensures minimal signal loss and accurate measurements, particularly in high-frequency testing scenarios.