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Unit : mm



Materials and finishes
Plunger-Top BeCu / Au Plated
Plunger-Bottom BeCu / Au Plated
Barrel Brass / Au Plated
Spring Music Wire / Au Plated

Spring Force 70grams @1.9mm
Full Travel 3.1mm
Recommend Travel 1.9mm
Mechanical Life 500K
Bandwidth -0.26dB@20GHz

Current Rating 2A 
Contact Resistance <100mΩ





Materials and Finishes:
The Semiconductor Test Probe is crafted using top-quality materials to ensure optimal performance. Both the plunger-top and plunger-bottom are made of BeCu (Beryllium Copper) and coated with a high-grade Au (gold) plating. The barrel is constructed from Brass and also features an Au plating for enhanced conductivity and durability. The spring, composed of Music Wire, is plated with Au to provide excellent electrical properties and resistance against corrosion.

Mechanical Precision:
This probe excels in mechanical precision, making it ideal for a wide range of semiconductor testing applications. With a spring force of 70 grams at 1.9mm, it ensures secure and reliable contact. The full travel distance of 3.1mm allows for versatile testing requirements, while the recommended travel distance of 1.9mm guarantees optimal performance. With a mechanical life of 500K cycles, this probe is built to withstand repeated use and maintain consistent results.

Impressive Bandwidth and Electrical Specifications:
The Semiconductor Test Probe delivers exceptional electrical performance. It boasts an impressive bandwidth of -0.26dB at 20GHz, ensuring accurate and reliable signal transmission at high frequencies. With a current rating of 2A, it can handle demanding power requirements, making it suitable for a wide range of semiconductor devices. The contact resistance remains below 100mΩ, minimizing signal loss and ensuring precise measurements.